Excerpt from The Power of Prayer

Can the power of prayer really change your life? Does God really have control in our lives? The Power of Prayer is a fictional account but it shows the truth of God’s love for us and it shows the truth about the sanctity of life. If you liked Gosnell, then you need to read this book.


Shaina held up the hand not hidden behind her back. “No, the photographer is here and the food is fine.” Her eyes darted around at anything except Callie. “It’s . . . uh . . . it’s Daniel. He’s . . . uh . . . he’s not coming.”

Callie’s brow furrowed and the knot intensified, threatening to choke off her breath. She touched her throat. “What do you mean he’s not coming? Has he been in an accident? Is he in the hospital?”

“No, Callie.” Shaina lowered her eyes and brought her hidden hand forward. She turned her palm up and offered the cell phone it held to Callie.

Callie snatched the phone and swiped the screen to turn it on.

Daniel’s message still glowed on the screen.

“Tell Callie I’m sorry, but I can’t marry her.”

What does he mean he can’t marry me? This had to be some kind of joke. Callie’s shoulders slumped and her knuckles, holding the phone, turned white. “That’s it? That’s all? What does this mean? What am I supposed to tell everyone out there?”

Shaina lowered her head, unable to meet Callie’s eyes, and bit her lip.

Callie crossed the room and grabbed Shaina’s arm. “What aren’t you telling me?” Her eyes narrowed to slits. “There’s someone else, isn’t there? Who is it? If you know Shaina, then you have to tell me.”

When Shaina lifted her head, tears glistened in her eyes. “I’m so sorry, Callie.”

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