Who Wants a Kindle this August?

By Lorana Hoopes

Hey guys, I know I normally have someone else’s book here to entertain you, but this one is my book. I wanted to tell you a little about it and of course give you the opportunity to win a kindle because who doesn’t like free, right?

I started the Heartbeats series about a year and a half ago with a book called Heartbeats. That book then changed titles to become The Power of Prayer. When I finished, I wasn’t sure if I had another book in me, but my mother wanted to know Sandra’s story, and so I wrote Where It All Began. Then I wanted to continue Amanda’s story and I wrote When Hearts Collide. All three books got a major revision last year to fit more in the romance genre. When I did that, I ended up taking Alyssa out of When Hearts Collide, but I felt she still needed a story, so she comes back in book 4.

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In addition, I had the cover designed for the fourth book, A Father’s Love, which I wanted to be about a single dad because I think they sometimes get a bad rap. Every time I tried to write the story though, it didn’t fit the with the title. I re-wrote it three times before I was finally happy with it. I introduce Max, who has probably been the most fun character to write. As my friend Jenna said, “I have never hated a character so much and then turned around and started rooting for them to change.”

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Maxwell Banks smiles at the buxom blond across from him. Her name has escaped his memory, but she will make a suitable companion for the night. The image of her long blond hair splayed like gold across his pillow fills his mind, sending his pulse into overdrive. Her yoga instructor body is just calling out for his attention if the tight shirt she is sporting is any indication.

Discreetly, he turns his wrist to check his watch. Fifteen minutes since they finished dinner. Surely that is a long enough segment of small talk. “You want to finish this somewhere more comfortable?” He reaches across the table to stroke her hand as he says the words. A little flattery goes a long way. He has mastered that art in the last few years.

Her tongue darts out and swipes across her lips, and her teeth bite the bottom one, causing the blood to flow to it and tint it a shade darker. “Um, sure, I guess that would be okay.”

Her words are hesitant, and Maxwell knows he will have to turn up his charm. He doesn’t usually have to work hard to get women to come home with him. With his dark hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders, and chiseled chest his looks alone attract many. The fact that he comes from money attracts the rest. Those are the harder ones to get rid of, the ones after his money. They tend to show up uninvited and blow his phone up all hours of the day.

But this one isn’t looking for a sugar daddy. This one he picked up in yoga class. Yoga was not usually his thing; he preferred lifting and running, but his friend Justin had dared him to try the class, and as the instructor was hot, Maxwell had taken the chance.

He could tell when he entered the large room that she found him attractive as her eyes followed him as he crossed the room to grab a mat.  His blue cut-off t-shirt had showed off his muscular arms and brought out his eyes, and his playing dumb had kept her by his side most of the class. Asking for her number had been easy after that.  He had simply put on his puppy dog face and emphasized the need for private lessons if he was ever going to improve. She had fallen for it; hook , line, and sinker. Now it was time to seal the deal.

“Great.” He whips out his wallet and places four twenties on the table. It is more than enough money as she only had salad and water – another perk to taking out weight conscious women. Then he stretches out his hand to her.

“Don’t you need to wait for change?” she asks, glancing around for the waiter.

“No, I believe in big tips.” He flashes his best smile, hoping it will soothe some of the hesitation he hears in her voice.

She shakes her head in disbelief, but accepts his outstretched hand. He gives it a squeeze for good measure and then leads her out of the restaurant and back to his black BMW Z4.

“What about my car? Shouldn’t I just follow you?” She glances around for her car in the full parking lot.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll bring you back to your car later.” Her smile is a little more relaxed as he opens the car door for her, and she slides into the grey leather seat.

He folds himself into the driver’s seat and turns the engine. As the air has cooled considerably, he presses the button for the heated seats before pulling out of the restaurant parking lot.

The girl—he really should remember her name—pulls on her skirt to stretch it back down. It has crept up her leg revealing smooth, toned thighs underneath.

“Can I turn on some music?”

He mentally kicks himself. He’s been so distracted with her thigh that he didn’t realize they were driving in silence. Silence is never good. It lets them think. “Of course, whatever you’d like.”

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