Three Really Great Deals

It’s July and it’s hot, so I thought I would offer a sweet deal.

Deal #1 – Through the entire month of July, I have teamed up with 25 other Christian or clean and wholesome writers to bring you 26 clean and amazing reads for free. You won’t want to miss this, so click away. free books

Also, I am running a Kindle Countdown promotion on my third book When Hearts Collide. It will be .99 for 3 days and then 1.99 for three days and then back to the 2.99 price, so be sure and get it while you can at the cheaper price. Untitled design (3).jpg

Finally, I have set up the release date for Book 4 of the Series, A Father’s Love. You can pre-order now for .99 but on 9/15 the price goes up to 2.99

Untitled design (4).jpg