Drakon Book Blast

By Lorana Hoopes

About the Books

Book I “The Sieve” is Book I of the epic fantasy novel Drakon.

Drakon Book I Cover

“I am here to redeem the lives of my wife and daughter. I’ve brought the offering.” Da-Ren, an infidel barbarian, arrives at the Castlemonastery, his only offering a jar of honey.   Baagh, the Cross Sorcerer, follows him there under orders of the Emperor, demanding from the monks to transcribe the warrior’s story. Book I chronicles Da-Ren’s early years, growing up in a tribe of archer riders and pagan witches, camped north of the Blackvein River.  He enters the Sieve, the forty-day initiation trial that determines the fate of every boy and girl. Many of his comrades will fall, the strong will join the warriors, and an elite few will be marked for leadership. Da-Ren learns to endure the elements, to obey the Truths, to keep standing when all hope is lost. He swallows the legends of the OunaMa witches, learns to hate all other tribes, and conquers fear.  And yet there is one trial that will bring him to his knees. The Goddess’s favorite daughter. “Brown-haired, brown-eyed. Brown was the first color of the day.” The journey begins for the man who will become the First Blade of the Devil.  A brutal, poetic, first-person narrative of war, death, and love.


“Uncarved” is Book II of the epic fantasy novel Drakon.

Drakon Book II Cover

“How do the Uncarved die? They bleed to death. Always.” Fourteen-winter-old Da-Ren joins the Uncarved, the chosen few destined to lead the Tribe. More than forty children train and compete for the next five springs; only one will become Khun and fulfill the Tribe’s destiny.  Da-Ren’s ambition and strength will keep him alive but can he overcome his most powerful and cunning adversary, the one favored by witches and men? The Goddess and the Ouna-Mas will try to nest in his heart, but is he prepared for the one woman he is brought up to hate? As war and hunger strangle the Tribe, the stakes of love, duty, and betrayal are higher than ever. A young man’s first kill. A young man’s first kiss. A coming-of-age tale with non-stop action.

Author Bio

C.A. Caskabel started writing Drakon in 2013 and completed the 350,000-word epic series in 2016. He plans to release the books gradually in 2016 and 2017 while he researches and writes his next series. He also works with a passionate small team that publishes primarily children’s fiction and fantasy fiction.
Prior to 2013, Chris was a serial technology entrepreneur. He has founded and led a number of start-ups in businesses such as digital marketing and renewable energy. He has led creative departments, marketing, and software product organizations in New York, San Francisco, London, and Athens.
He holds a BSc and a BA from Brown University and a PhD in Engineering from Boston University.






Interview with the author:

1.      Where is your favorite place to write?

I always write at my desk, with two screens one for everything else and one for the word processor. Never on paper, never on laptops or other devices. It is a very specific routine, and I am following it to the last detail. 


2.      Who has been your favorite character so far?

Myself. I think deep down, every character in the book is the author, no matter how much we try to make them something else. A book lets you, the author primarily, discover all the shadows he may cast under different lights.


3.      What is the hardest/easiest part of the process for you

The hardest is balancing the work of writing with that of marketing and publicity. The latter is very taxing psychologically while the writing is the hard work, but it is the most joyful time of the day.


4.      What advice would you give new authors

My advice is to seek advice. Ignore praise. Rewrite. No matter what you think, your book will be much better if you give it another six months. You are not ready yet. It is not ready. Keep editing. It will never be ready, just do it as long as you can endure this torture.


5.      What do you wish you knew when you first started that you know now

The answer I just gave to the previous question.


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