Redemptive Justice

By Lorana Hoopes

Today, I am pleased to bring you another Christian book.

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What happens when truth is perverted to suit the circumstances? Christine Smith, owner of Finders Keepers Investigative Services, and Jeremy Goodman, owner of Goodman Investigations, discover the answer when they decide to help a woman recover her children from a Mennonite village in Mexico. Drug running and human trafficking are justified by Church Elders who place money and control above the people they are supposed to lead. Christine’s new faith explores the contradictions in the search for Redemptive Justice.

About the Author:

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Seeking to encourage, inspire, and invite, Barbara Ann Derksen writes about Kingdom living characters who live in a not-so Kingdom world. She has been scrambling letters into enjoyable fiction and non-fiction for over 20 years and a published writer since 2003. Her readers share how the books are hard to put down, keep them up at night reading long after lights out, and spur them on to a closer walk with their Lord.

Her favorite genre is mystery so, to thrill her readers, she composes a new one every year, She has just completed the four book series, The Wilton Strait Mystery Series, now available through her website, on Amazon in Canada, Europe, and the US, and through Amazon’s Kindle store as e-books as well as Smashwords for e-book readers other than Kindle. Vanished, Presumed Dead, Fear Not, and Silence are a series that provides hours of entertainment, food for thought, and keep her readers wanting more. The first book in the Finders Keepers Series, Shadow Stalker,  was released May 5, 2013 and is available on Amazon with mostly 5 star reviews. In 2014, Book 2, Essence of Evil made its appearance with mostly five star reviews and now the sequel, Wicked Disregard, released February 2016 is making its debut. The 4th book in this series, Redemptive Justice, is a new release May 2017.

Barbara has also penned a devotional series with six books, 4 children’s stories and two other non-fiction books. Dance With a Broom and Second to None.

Barbara Ann Derksen has written 20 books, mystery, children’s and devotions. She and her husband, Henry, have been married for 48 years, have four children, and eleven grandchildren. Henry is a singer/songwriter with 8 CDs to his name, working on his 9th.


  1. What got you into writing? There were many sleepless nights when my boys, the oldest two, turned 14 and 16. My husband purchased a Radio Shack home computer (this was the late eighties) so one sleepless night I decided to write a short story on it. People liked it. That was a surprise since my writing in high school was totally one dimensional. I’ve been writing ever since.


  1. Where is your favorite place to write? My dream is to one day own a cottage on Daytona Beach where I can write to my heart’s content with short forays into the ocean to exercise and refresh. However reality has me writing in my home office in a retirement community where I am often distracted by community events, children or grandchildren visits, and dates with my husband of 48 years. Life is good.


  1. What do you hope people get out of your books? I hope people will be drawn to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ or at least a search for answers when it comes to their faith. I try to depict an active, intimate walk of faith, in an effort to show my readers they can do it too.


  1. What is the hardest part of the process for you? Marketing takes a huge effort and after the book is published I just want to play. Unfortunately, no one will know it exists if I don’t share it with the public so …. back to work.


  1. What do you wish you knew when you first started that you know now? I wish I knew that the closer I am to Jesus the clearer that relationship erupts from my fingers into the lives of my characters. I can’t not write from the Spirit’s leading and I think most Christians will concur.


  1. Who has been your inspiration? I love reading Brandilyn Collins, Terri Blackstock, Colleen Coble, and many other Christian writers who tell a great story from a Christian worldview. Mystery is a genre that I enjoy as do many others. I see Christians reading secular authors because they feel that the Christians aren’t up to snuff with their stories. I hope to help them see we aren’t incapable of great fiction and to follow in the footsteps of those succeeding like Collins, Blackstock and Coble.


  1. What do you think new authors should know? New authors need to be teachable. They should be attending some of the great Christian writers conferences where the organizers gather authors who have been there and done that. They need to persist, hone, edit, rework, and write but make sure they are allowing the Holy Spirit to guide.


  1. What do you do when you aren’t writing? I love to swim, ride my bicycle, and play with my Shih-Tzu, Bailey. She is a two year old Therapy dog so we visit a nursing home on a regular basis, our current assignment from St. John’s Ambulance. I am also a Stephen Minister so visit my care receiver weekly to encourage and point her to Jesus. Spending time with my husband is at the top of my list, working alongside him in the yard, and going to the movies or out to dinner.


  1. What is something about you that your readers might find interesting? I am a certified scuba diver although I haven’t participated in a dive for a number of years.


  1. What character has been your favorite to write so far and why? My latest female protagonist began as a skeptic so watching her dig for truth, ask the right questions, and see her mind change toward God was fun. She, I think, embodies so many in our world who feel they don’t need a crutch as they refer to religion but soon come to understand it’s so much more than that.


Lorana Hoopes is an author of children’s books and clean inspirational romance novels.Her books are available at Amazon.Heartbeats series Wishing stone series

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