Remnant of Power Book Blast and Review

By Lorana Hoopes

Cover_Remnant of Power

Remnant of Power

by J.A. Deakin


GENRE: YA Fantasy



Sent to marry the brutal King Ulric of Arvad, seventeen year-old Princess Yavenna is already trying to plan her escape. Then she discovers powers she never knew she had, as well as the handsome, elusive Mal, who has a secret of his own. But as the wedding day draws closer, Yavenna has a heart-breaking choice – use all her strength to flee the ancient castle, or marry the King and set his thousands of slaves free. And can she ally herself with rebel forces in time to save Mal, or is the magic the King commands too powerful?



Yavenna wiped her nose on the back of a wet hand. Fixed in her mind, like a painting, was a memory of the last time she’d seen her mother. Her mother had lifted the pendant over her head, given it to Yavenna, and then hugged her. As her mother had taken off the pendant, her face had brightened for a moment, as if a weight had been removed, but only for a few minutes, then the sickly look had returned.

The pendant. She held the soapy lump of silver up in front of her face and stared at it. Until the last few days she’d never ever known it to heat up. She turned it over between her fingers, studying its uneven surfaces.

A sudden knock on the door made her jump.

“Yavenna, Your Highness, a footman is here. The King has asked to see you before dinner.”

“Tell him I’ll only be a few minutes.” She climbed out of the bath and wrapped a towel around herself. She walked up to a large gilt mirror. Sticking her chin out and her shoulders back she whispered to her reflection.

“You’d better stop all this feeling sorry for yourself, Yavenna. You’re on your own, but guess what? You’ve never let yourself down yet. You’ve got two things to do; firstly, try to forget about the slaves, and secondly think of a way to get out of this marriage. So you’d better just get on with it.” Tucking the towel in firmly she pushed open the door and went to get dressed.

My Review:

This fantasy novel is sure to draw you right in. Yavenna is a spit fire, much like Leia was Star Wars. The characters come to life in the pages, keeping you turning for more. If you are a fantasy reader, this should be in your must read pile.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

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J.A. Deakin is a former Art and Spanish teacher. Remnant of Power is the first in a series of five books packed with secrets, magic and romance.

When she isn’t reading or writing, J. A. Deakin likes to run in the woods behind her Victorian cottage in Leicestershire, England. She hasn’t met any talking wolves there yet but remains hopeful and always looks out for them.


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