He Should Be Dead Book Blast

By Lorana Hoopes

Check out a new book by my friend J.M. Barlow.

A man who is constantly having brushes with death, an inside history of Detroit, a double homicide and redemption from an addiction, all rolled up in a True Crime/Biography!


About the author:

J. M. Barlow has spent over thirty five years as a licensed business professional. She has a bachelor’s degree in finance and economics from the University of Michigan and teaching certificates for secondary education in science and TESOL from St. Petersburg College.

J. M. is active in her church and enjoys writing Christian music for God’s glory. She has always had a passion for true crime books, especially those written from a Christian perspective. J. M. lives in North Carolina with her husband and greyhound rescues. This is her second True Crime book.

Lorana Hoopes is an author of children’s books and adult inspirational books with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.Heartbeats series Wishing stone series

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