The Good Spy Dies Twice Book Blast

By Lorana Hoopes


The Good Spy Dies Twice

by Mark Hosack


GENRE: Thriller



“The Good Spy Dies Twice,” the cryptic final words from a condemned death row inmate draw Jake Boxer, the one-time king of cable news, out of retirement, setting him on a collision course with a deadly global conspiracy involving his secretive wife, a depraved New World Order, and the “guests” at a posh Alaskan ski resort. Everyone is a suspect. Part spy thriller, part whodunit, “The Good Spy Dies Twice” is the first book in Mark Hosack’s explosive new thriller series, Bullseye. Called “an undeniably spry and rousing espionage tale” by Kirkus Reviews.




Mike and Tim, the remaining members of the Bullseye crew, had been watching quietly from two chairs flanking the room’s only window. The team was staying at, and broadcasting from, the fourth floor of the Napoleon Hostel, a cramped but tidy place less than a mile from Moscow’s Red Square. The room’s window offered a plum view of St. Basil’s candy-striped spires, the Kremlin’s dollhouse facade, and, just a few blocks beyond, the massive Lubyanka—a tiered bureaucratic building that once housed both KGB headquarters and the infamous Lubyanka prison. It was now home to the FSB. Jake was sure that just as he was looking out at them, they were looking in at him.

Contrary to what Claire said, he had seen tails since they’d arrived—civilian cars following their taxi from Domodedovo International. Bums who hopped into subway trains right before the doors closed. Jake had seen glints of light following them from high in the sky more than once—Dozor-3 Russian combat drones armed with cameras and for all he knew, ballistic missiles.

Before they’d left the States, Jake had been all too sure that Claire’s admirable skills had secured the proper filming visas, but now he was beginning to think differently: Had Putin lured them within his borders to make it easier to kill them off? Was this all because Bullseye was targeting Russian corruption on the global stage? It sounded like a wild conspiracy, but was it really that unbelievable?





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Mark Hosack is the author of THE GOOD SPY DIES TWICE (Book 1: The Bullseye Series), and IDENTITY (Simon & Schuster). He also wrote on the web series SEQUESTERED for Sony Crackle, the screenplay for GIVE ‘EM HELL, MALONE (Thomas Jane, Ving Rhames), and he both wrote and directed the award winning independent film PALE BLUE MOON. Mark lives in Los Angeles with his wife and a brood of gremlins that insist on calling him Dad.


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 Mark will be awarding a $30 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on children’s book and adult inspirational books with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

Heartbeats series



  1. Many thanks for hosting the tour! If anyone has any questions… or if you just want to say “Hi” … be sure to hit me up in the comments. It might take me a beat to get back to you… I’m on the road driving today, but I’ll be around this afternoon for sure. Thanks all!


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