The Wishing Stone Series is Here

By Lorana Hoopes

I was ecstatic when my son started reading and jumping right into chapter books. As an English teacher and avid reader, nothing could make me happier. So I bought him the first series he wanted, which turned out to be a graphic novel series. I think he was more interested in the pictures. Then he wanted the Magic Tree House series. I knew these weren’t graphic novels, so I happily ordered some of them too. Then my son asked me to read the first book.

I can see why these books appeal to new readers, but as an English teacher, I had to shake my head at the use of simple sentences over and over. We don’t talk that way, so why would I want my son to read that way? And you can’t read these books aloud; they are way too stilted. So what was a mom to do?

I wrote my own series, of course.

After just finishing my third novel, I thought I could delve into the kids’ book series and create an interesting story with slightly higher vocabulary and sentence structure and The Wishing Stone series was born. After minor revisions from my beta readers (all aged 4-10), I published the first book on Friday. I think it has the things Magic Tree House readers love – great story, interesting characters, research and a few extras – colored illustrations and more challenging sentences. I’ve already finished the second book and sent it to my illustrator so it should be out soon. Shh! It’s called “The Dragon Dilemma.” Plus, I’ll be off-shooting the Wishing Stone with a religious series for kids where they go back in the Bible and see the stories come to life.

Come check out the first book. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited or less than a cup of coffee for the ebook. The paperback will be coming soon and if you buy a paperback, you get the ebook for free. To read an excerpt from my other books, read about great books, or keep up with this series, visit

Happy reading.

Lorana Hoopes is an author of children’s books and adult inspirational books with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.Heartbeats series