In Pursuit of Paradise Book Blast and Review


In Pursuit of Paradise

by Kate Randle


GENRE: Contemporary Romance



Ship captain Nicholas Becket knows he needs to change his playboy ways. And when he discovers beautiful divorcee Lily Kingston at a job fair for his cruise line, he thinks he has found someone who can reform him.

Lily is looking for a change of her own but she isn’t prepared for Nick and all of his baggage. Not to mention her own scars from the recent past. Although she is fiercely attracted to the handsome and dashing millionaire, an unexpected event threatens to tear them apart forever.

Can this pair of lost souls overcome the stormy waters of life’s ups and downs in order to find their true paradise?



 He grasped her hand and brought it to his lips.  He kissed her so delicately that she thought she would faint on the spot.  His touch was warm, light and inviting and he was only kissing her hand.  She imagined how his kiss would feel on her lips and the rest of her body.  What was going on with her?  She felt like she was completely losing her mind.

“No Lily,” he said.  “The pleasure was all mine.”  He paused for a moment. “Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?  That is, if you don’t have to head home right away to Orchard Park.”

Lily hesitated.  She had been on a few casual dates since her divorce six months earlier but she had never been asked out by a complete stranger.  Most of the one-date-only events she had attended had been set up by sympathetic friends, just trying to help her get on with her life.   But none of the nice yet ordinary men had made her feel the way she did right now.

Electricity was crackling between them, she was certain of it.  She felt a strong, unexplained connection to him even if her rational side was telling her it wasn’t a smart idea to get involved with this guy.

 My Review:

The book started out pretty good. I was intrigued by Nick, this strong captain character and Lily, this nervous, mousy character. It was obvious from the beginning that the romance would be between these two, but I felt the book jumped into it far too quickly. They run into each other, he asks her to dinner, she accepts, and they sleep together. All of this happens before about page thirty. I wanted there to be more build up at the beginning. Maybe it’s the cynical part of me that wishes we didn’t treat sex so cavalierly, but for me a good romance is when there’s conflict leading up to them getting together. If they have already gotten together, it’s hard to want to keep reading. So, if you are in the mood for a quick, easy, romance then I can say you would probably enjoy this book – unless you have the same hang up I do about bed hopping. If, however, you are looking for a deeper book, then I don’t think you will find it here. I give it 3/5 stars.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


After writing more essays than she could count completing her university studies, Kate Randle decided to swap out the world of academic prose for something more exciting, romance novels.

Her contemporary books encompass many of the things she loves: the beach, the ocean and of course handsome heroes. Kate lives near Toronto, Ontario with her own handsome hero, her husband Jason and her two children.  Two adorable rescue felines round out her family to keep things interesting and covered in cat hair.

In addition to her debut novel In Pursuit of Paradise which is will be released in January 2017, Kate is currently working on a new contemporary romance about an iconic Canadian rock band. For more information, please visit Kate at her website:


Twitter: @katerandle1


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