Deadly Delusions Book Blast and Review


Deadly Delusions

by Barbara Ebel, M.D.


GENRE: Suspense/thriller



Under the auspices of a stellar attending doctor, medical student Annabel Tilson flourishes on her psychiatry rotation where Victor Blake is the first patient safely ensconced in her care. While other complex and unexpected patients come under the psychiatry team’s care and Annabel dabbles in her own risky behavior, Victor is ready for discharge and is sent home. In the coming week after her star patient is given his freedom, however, Annabel and her mentor have no idea about the harrowing cascade of events taking place.

Readers beware: this chilling psychiatric patient will impact them all.


Please enjoy DEADLY DELUSIONS which is Book Two in the medical and personal adventures of medical student Annabel Tilson. Book One is DEAD STILL. Each book is also a standalone novel.

Annabel’s novels are a spinoff from her father’s series, The Dr. Danny Tilson Novels, especially Book Four – Secondary Impact. Those books are:

Book One: Operation Neurosurgeon

Book Two: Silent Fear: a Medical Mystery (also an audiobook)

Book Three: Collateral Circulation: a Medical Mystery (also an audiobook)

Book Four: Secondary Impact suspense/thriller



Victor swung open the refrigerator door and stared at a dwindling choice of food. He plucked the milk off the shelf, unscrewed the cap, and took a sniff. The ‘best used by’ stamp on the plastic container showed seven days ago. That smelled correct. How could he go buy groceries when his days were now packed with things to do?

Since it was Friday, he didn’t have a medical appointment or have to work but why waste time by going to the store? He strained his ears for a while, specifically listening for footsteps, a walker, or anything from the floor above. Perhaps he should bum some food from his mother. There was something she was supposed to be giving him, too, but he couldn’t remember the details. Nah, he said to himself, he didn’t want to see his old lady. There was something now more important on his plate.

He went back into his disheveled bedroom and rummaged around in the covers. When he located his cell phone, he sat on the edge of a chair and began texting. Luckily, the battery still had enough charge and he plugged in the number Orange had given him at the end of Wednesday’s session.

 This is an invitation, he wrote. Come over any time today. We can hang out and you’ll like Whatever. He finished with his address and clarification of which entrance to use.

My Review:

The book has a great premise. A young new doctor having to do a psychiatric rotation. The author obviously did research as the terms seem appropriate and accurate. Victor Blake seems off and there are many clues at the beginning that something will happen with him. The writing, for the most part, draws you in. There are a few times the writing seems pedantic or unnecessary, but all in all, it kept the pages turning. I’d give this book a 4/5 stars.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Barbara’s Ebel’s writing draws heavily from her experience as an anesthesiologist. As a physician, speaker, and former chemist, she sprinkles credible medicine into the background of her fiction where plots and vivid characters take center stage and her O.R. scenes shine.

She penned the Dr. Danny Tilson novels before the Annabel Tilson novels DEAD STILL and DEADLY DELUSIONS. Her Dr. Danny Tilson novels have received a multitude of accolades including but not limited to: Collateral Circulation was the National Indie Excellence Award 2015 Finalist for medical thrillers and Operation Neurosurgeon was the top finalist for best-selling medical mystery books in 2012. (Best Selling Books’ blog announced on PR Buzz Press Release Wire, Chicago, IL).

You may find more information about her and her books at:


Her twitter handle is:  @barbaraebel

In addition to her adult writing, she has illustrated and penned a children’s book series called Chester the Chesapeake. The books developed during her philanthropic visits with her therapy dog, Chester. The dog books continue to inspire adults and children alike. Along with her husband and four pets, ‘Doctor Barbara’ lives in a wildlife corridor in middle Tennessee.

You may find Chester at:

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