Lizzie & Mckenzie’s Fabulous Adventures Book Blitz and Review

About the Book

Title: Lizzie & McKenzie’s Fabulous Adventures: Mayhem in Madrid

Author: Dina C. Tate

Genre: Children’s Books, Fantasy

Imagine if all the little girls of the world looked alike.

If the Same Glam Goddess gets her way, it can surely happen.

McKenzie Rivers, the pint-sized daredevil, and Lizzie Sanders, who loves all things frilly, aren’t afraid of being different. And that’s exactly why Princess Lovina of Exquisite City calls upon them to stop the Same Glam Goddess from making all the little girls of the world look the same. With the aid of their magical lovely lockets and fierce diva weaponry, Lizzie and McKenzie will travel the world to find the Seven Crystals of Sisterhood. Their first stop is the magical city of Madrid.

Lizzie and McKenzie will need help to obtain the crystals before the Same Glam Goddess gets her hands on them. If the crystals are not found, little girls all over the world will remain under the spell of the Same Glam Goddess and will lose their identities forever! Will Lizzie and McKenzie be able to find the crystals, break the spell, and stop the Same Glam Goddess?

My Review:

This book had some great aspects and one that drove me crazy. First, the topic of the book is great. It’s all about how everyone is unique and should celebrate that. The characters are cute and have an adventure to Spain to try and find a jewel. The author includes some facts about Spain that make the book informational as well as educational. I think this book will appeal more to young girls than boys as all the characters are girls. The illustrations were cute, though the profile ones bugged me with the face trying to be face on and profile at the same time. My only complaint is the some of the cheesiness of the book. The evil character is named the Same Glam Goddess, a woman who wants to make everyone look the same. The good helper, Princess Lovina has the girls chant silly statements to make their gadgets work and the two girls have a silly statement they say to each other. These just felt contrived to me, and bugged me, but all in all the book was still good. I would give the book 4/5 stars.

Author Bio

Dina Tate is the President and Founder of GlobalGirlsSquad LLC a publishing and technology company. Her first book which combines her love of travel and japanese animation is titled “Lizzie and McKenzie’s Fabulous Adventures”.


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