Ladybug’s Garden Book Blast and Review


About the Book

Title: Ladybug’s Garden

Author: Anabella and Sofia Schofield

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

When Ladybug receives an invitation to a picnic, she prepares a basket of treats to share and sets off into the garden. On her way, Ladybug notices several bugs in need. She happily stops to help them, but worries she won’t make it in time. When Ladybug finally reaches the picnic, she discovers a sweet surprise!

My Review:

This was a super cute story. I was a little confused how the ladybug ended up at her grandmother’s house when she was on her way to the picnic. It could have been a little clearer that she had extra time and so decided to help other bugs along the way, but it did become clearer by about the third bug. I loved the rhyming aspect of the book. I think it keeps younger kids attention. I would suggest a few minor changes to the rhythm as when I read some of it aloud, I felt like it needed an extra syllable to flow correctly, but the story was cute; the illustrations were colorful and kept the attention of my kids; and the message was a nice one about helping others out. Overall, I would give this book 4/5 stars and if you have children 4 and under, I would recommend this book.

Author Bio


About the Author/Illustrators:  Anabella and Sofia Schofield are sixteen-year-old twin sisters and best friends. When asked in preschool what they wanted to be when they grew up, both responded, “A ladybug!” Their goals have changed, but they’re happy to be writing about a ladybug now! Ladybug’s Garden began as a project the authors wrote and illustrated at age thirteen. In their spare time, Anabella and Sofia enjoy reading, writing, watching movies, photography, music, and art.




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