A Hundred Hands Book Blast and Review

By Lorana Hoopes


A Hundred Hands

by Dianne Noble


GENRE:  Contemporary Fiction



When Polly’s husband is jailed for paedophilia, she flees the village where her grandmother raised her and travels to India where she stays with her friend, Amanda.

Polly is appalled by the poverty, and what her husband had done, and her guilt drives her to help the street children of Kolkata. It’s while working she meets other volunteers, Liam and Finlay. Her days are divided between teaching the children and helping with their health needs. But when Liam’s successor refuses to let Polly continue working, she’s devastated to think the children will feel she’s abandoned them.

After a health scare of her own, she discovers her friend, Amanda, is pregnant. Amanda leaves India to have her child. At this time Polly and Finlay fall in love and work together helping the children. Tragedy strikes when one child is found beaten and another dead. Polly feels history repeating itself when Finlay becomes emotionally attached to a young girl.

Can Polly recover from her broken heart and continue to help the children, or will she give up and return home?



No response, just the slap of his flip flops fading away. The door gave a complaining squeak as she pushed it open. The strip light stuttered, illuminating the room in short, staccato bursts. Not much to see anyway; walls a shade between mushy pea and mould, an iron bed, a kitchen chair, a wardrobe.

Her sandals stuck to the vinyl flooring as she waded through thick, hot air to the window, where a few tugs and thumps with the heel of her hand confirmed that it wasn’t going to open.

‘Shit.’ The electrical wiring on the wall resembled a bird’s nest. She twisted the dial for the overhead fan and it grated into life, scattering dust and rust across the room. Faster and faster it went, reaching a crescendo which flapped the thin curtains, before the fishy smell of burning electrics and a loud bang signified the end.

In the en-suite, the feeble light bulb illuminated ants swarming around the hole in the floor. Cockroaches rustled and she shrank back. How can I stay here? But scuttling back to the safety of her British postcode wasn’t an option. No way could she go home. She considered her choices for a moment—there were none. Tomorrow she could look for somewhere better. Tonight she would just have to make do.


My Review:

The story is set in India and grabs you from the very beginning. Polly has some mysterious past that has sent her to India. Her flashbacks keep you reading, wanting to know what happened, and Finlay opens another interest, as he appears mysterious. The writing is well-done and keeps the pages turning quickly. I would recommend this book and give it a 4.5/5 stars.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


I was born into a service family and at the tender age of seven found myself on the Dunera, a troopship, sailing for a three year posting to Singapore. So began a lifetime of wandering – and fifteen different schools. Teen years living in Cyprus, before partition, when the country was swarming with handsome UN soldiers, and then marriage to a Civil Engineer who whisked me away to the Arabian Gulf.

Most of the following years were spent as a single parent with an employment history which ranged from the British Embassy in Bahrain to a goods picker, complete with steel toe-capped boots, in an Argos warehouse. In between I earned my keep as a cashier in Barclays, a radio presenter and a café proprietor on the sea front in Penzance.

My travels have taken me to China, Egypt, Israel, Guatemala, Russia, Morocco, Belize and my favourite place, India. I keep copious notes and constantly dip into them to ensure my writing is atmospheric.

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