Why Every Life Matters

I recently had a friend ask me why abortion is such a big deal to me. There are many reasons, but the most important one is that I wouldn’t be here if my grandmother had believed her doctors and had one.

My mother’s mother was born with several physical deformities. One foot was shorter than the other, so she had to buy two pairs of shoes every time she bought them. Of course, doctors told her parents she might never walk, but she did. She was missing some muscles in her chest and shoulder, so she always walked slightly hunched over. When she got pregnant with my uncle, it was a hard pregnancy. She had complications in delivery and doctors told my grandmother another pregnancy could kill her. When she got pregnant with my mother a few years later, they warned her that having my mother could  kill her and advised her to have an abortion. A God-fearing Christian, my grandmother refused and had my mother. And she didn’t die. In fact, my grandmother lived until I was four years old, another 36 years. Now, I know doctors are only human and they make mistakes, but the truth is you can find stories like mine all over the internet. How many innocent children have we killed that would have been perfectly healthy?

Even one is too many. We were never meant to play God.

So that started my pro-life stance, but it wasn’t the only factor. Growing up, I was very good friends with the pastor’s kids. When I was about ten, I learned that two of the four children had been adopted. Doctors had told the pastor’s wife she would never have children, so they adopted two girls. Then they ended up getting pregnant with their son. These girls were and are amazing women. One was my best friend growing up. If their parents had chosen instead to have an abortion, I would not have had that wonderful experience. Their children also would not be here today and that is a very sad thought. See abortion is about avoiding responsibility. Women think if they just get rid of the problem, they can go on with life, but these children were all meant to have a life as well. They were meant to do things, become husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, have children of their own.

I am currently in a production of Annie at our school. Our pianist is amazing. He is going to be a concert pianist and when you watch his fingers fly over the keys, your heart just swells with emotion. He also was adopted. Now I’m sure if he had been aborted, we would find another pianist, but his parents would have deprived many people of the joy that comes from hearing him play. I could go on and on. I’ve had many students who have been adopted who have brought joy into my life. Who’s to say one of these 70 million children wouldn’t have found the cure for cancer or AIDS?

Then there’s the other side of the issue. There are so many women who can’t have children and want to. They spend thousands of dollars on adoption agencies waiting for a child to come into their lives, while other people are throwing perfect babies in the trash. I have a friend who recently did IVF and she told me that she cried every time one of their hopes in the petri dish didn’t make it. You see, they were already children to her and they hadn’t even been implanted. It’s funny how it’s a baby to women who want them and a mass of tissue to those who don’t, even at the same stage of pregnancy.

There’s also the science to it. Every abortion stops a beating heart. New information has shown that a baby’s heart is already beating before a woman even knows for sure she’s pregnant. The baby has distinct DNA, a brain, and fingerprints. In short, it is a different person. So the argument that a woman can do what she wants with her body is moot. The baby developing inside her is not her body. It’s the body of another person. There is also the physical and emotional impact it has on the mother. Studies are now proving that abortion is linked to an increase in breast and cervical cancer. There are also many stories of women dying from complications or from being unable to have children in the future because of damage to their uterus. Studies are even showing that future pregnancies have an increased risk of premature babies or miscarriages. Then there’s the emotional toll. Many women suffer depression after the abortion. Realizing you just killed a person is never easy. Realizing you just killed your own child is even harder to deal with. Many women have committed suicide after abortions or fallen into a life of drugs use and abuse. Men also suffer, but aren’t even allowed to talk about it. Men often don’t even have the option to save a child that genetically is half theirs. This leaves them feeling guilty and powerless and leads to buried issues. I recently had a man read my books and tell me that they uncovered issues he didn’t know he had buried from forty years ago when his girlfriend had an abortion without telling him. He had no idea that his life choices had been determined by guilt and helplessness.

I am not Mormon, but recently I learned that they have a wonderful community to help women who end up pregnant and can’t afford or don’t want another child in their life. Instead of advocating to just get rid of the “problem” and pretend it never existed, they work with the woman through the pregnancy and get the child set up in a loving home. We could all do this. If women felt they had hope and help, they might be less likely to kill their children. I’d rather see the 450 million we send to Planned Parenthood every year go to women who decide to keep their children or put them up for adoption.

Now before I have people jump on me about other health care issues, let me explain that even without that funding, Planned Parenthood can still offer their services to low income patients. Did you know that they actually ask low income patients to cover half their bill as a donation in many cases? Doesn’t sound like they are really helping the poor right now. They also boast profits of over a billion dollars, not really what comes to mind when you think “non-profit.” And Cecile Richards makes somewhere between $600,000 and $1 million a year. They could easily reroute some of this money to cover what they lose from the government. In addition, for every one Planned Parenthood, there are 20 other women health care facilities that offer all the same services except abortion. Women will still have access to all these other clinics to get birth control or mammograms, etc.

I will be happy to see Planned Parenthood defunded, but we still have the issue of unwanted pregnancies. If abortion were not legal, it would deter many women who are choosing it as birth control. I think we also need to make birth control more effective and more readily available. My hope is that one day we will return our faith to God and remember that we are not supposed to treat sex as something to try with everyone we date. It was never meant to be shared with everyone we meet. It was meant to be shared between a husband and a wife. Returning to this mindset would eradicate almost all abortions and the church helping out like the LDS church does would eradicate the need for the rest.

Every year, I teach the Holocaust and I wonder how people can be so upset over the 50 million who died in WWII but not the 70 million we have killed since then? I wonder how people can chain themselves to a tree, but advocate for the killing of a child? I wonder how they can be against the death penalty, but for abortion?

To me, a life is a life, and every life matters.

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.


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