A Book a Day

Okay, that’s definitely not realistic, but I do love to read. I’m finding it harder to do now that I am writing my own books, but I’m going to start trying to be better. To help with that, I am looking at joining Online Book Club’s reviewer team and I need your help.

You see the program works like this: So many authors are looking for reviews (including me if you read my books) that they are willing to give books away in exchange for an honest review. Because Online Book Club has so many of these books, they are even offering payment along with it. So you get a free book, you leave an honest review, and you get paid between $5-60 per review. It’s certainly not going to pay all my bills, but it will help me afford publishing my next book (hopefully around Thanksgiving).

Here’s where you guys come in to play. The reviewers then write a review of the book and post it on their blog (in other words here), but in order to pay OBC needs to make sure you have followers. I didn’t at the beginning, but due to my writing at thedeclaration.us and eatprayvote.org, I have now met, followed, and been followed by some amazing people. I need you all to click, like, and share this post. Then of course, come back for some great book reviews. Maybe you’ll even find a new author you love.