Does the Supreme Court Matter for Pro-lifers?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, in the fact that the Supreme Court voted in Roe v Wade, and they would have to vote to overturn it. Yes, in the fact that the Hyde Agreement, which limits tax payer funding of abortion is now under attack and will probably go to the Supreme Court someday soon for a vote, just like HB2 in Texas did. Yes, in the fact that the Democrats this year have taken the most pro-abortion platform ever, and it is likely to get worse for those of us who value life. So, we need to vote for Donald Trump, right?
Well, here’s the flip side. We had five conservative judges out of eight for several years, and Roe v Wade was not overturned. Unfortunately, it is becoming a reality that it may never be overturned. Our culture has just become too in-sensitized to the deaths of unborn children and too focused on the “me” aspect. Also, the congress is very important to keeping items like the Hyde Agreement in place. If we lose the house and the Senate, the president won’t matter much because congress will be able to take the Hyde Agreement out of play in future bills it passes. There are also many organizations working with members of congress to take away parental consent clauses, waiting periods, and counseling laws. These are important aspects that need to stay, and we need pro-life members in Congress to ensure that.
So what can the pro-life community do? First, vote for truly pro-life candidates, not charlatans who claim to be pro-life but then don’t show it once in office. Research and look for those with proven pro-life records who will stand strong, like Oklahoma’s Senator Lankford. Second, continue to talk to your senators and congressmen about defunding Planned Parenthood. There was a movement, and it has slowly gone away, but it needs to arise again like a phoenix. If funding is cut from Planned Parenthood, then their slush funds from private donors will have to be used to fund abortions. Third, and probably most importantly, we need to educate. No one talks about the women who suffer from abortions.
There’s a whole movement #Shoutyourabortion that is focusing on women raving about how great and empowering their abortions were, but the media is forgetting the nearly 80% of women who suffer emotionally after their abortions. Check out and read a few. They will break your heart. Instead of promoting abortions, we ought to be assuring women they are not alone, that they can get free pre-natal care, and that there are millions of couples who want to adopt their babies.

Imagine if instead of funding abortion and tearing babies limb from limb, our tax dollars lowered the cost of adoption so more loving couples could adopt babies. We could change the culture from death to life, but it starts on the ground with us, not at the Supreme Court.