Makes Sense, Right?

Let’s play a little game. Ladies first, though I know some of you guys pierced your ears too. Do you remember when you were thirteen and you wanted your ears pierced? You probably did just like I did and went to the mall with your best friend. You picked out the earrings you wanted and had your babysitting money burning a hole in your pocket, but you were told that you couldn’t get your ears pierced without your parents’ permission. No big deal, you went home and probably begged your mom, like I did, and she took you back a few days later and you got holes stabbed in your ears. Holes that can get infected, I might add, which is probably why they want parental consent. Makes sense right? I mean just look at this:

Okay, so now let’s jump to High School. Everyone can play this one. You’re sitting in class and all of a sudden you have a pounding headache. You aren’t allowed to take your own Tylenol because it’s considered drug use. You have to check all medications in with the nurse, but you didn’t know you were going to have a headache today, so you didn’t have your parents fill out the form. You beg the school nurse who denies you the Tylenol because they aren’t allowed to give you anything without a doctor’s order. Makes sense right? I mean, Tylenol can . . .  well, I’m sure there are some side effects besides curing your headache, but I’m drawing a blank. Okay, I guess you can overdose on Tylenol, but if your school is like mine was you probably only have one nurse, and she’s going to remember giving you Tylenol and therefore won’t let you overdose.

Now let’s take one more leap. You’re seventeen and you’ve decided you really want to get a tattoo. That ink will look so good on your back or your ankle or your biceps. (Not judging, I have one on my back and my ankle) So you pick out a perfect design and you go to the local shop, which has to follow a very long list of health codes. The place you’ve picked looks clean, and they have a current license, but once again you are told you are too young. You have to have parental consent, and not just a signed piece of paper. Most states say your parent has to actually be there with you to get a piercing or a tattoo if you are under 18. It only makes sense right? I mean the needles might be infected and might give you some horrible disease, so your parents should have the say. It’s not like it’s your body, right?

You know where I’m going now, right? You can’t pierce your ears or any other part of your body, even though it’s your body until you’re 18, but you know what you can do? You can have an abortion. You can be given a pill that has a long list of side effects without your parent’s permission, but you can’t be given over the counter Tylenol. You can have a risky procedure that sometimes ends in death, sometimes ends in loss of fertility, and often leads to depression without their knowledge or consent, but you can’t get a tattoo. What sense does this make? You can have a living being cut out of your body, and your parents never even have to know.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t look like a clump of cells to me. So, here’s the kicker. How come if “my body, my choice” is so important, we don’t let girls or guys get their ears pierced or their body tattooed, but we let them do this? How come a nurse can’t give your kid a Tylenol if they have a headache without you knowing, but they can send them to an abortion clinic during a school day and you’re none the wiser? How come tattoo parlors have a huge health code listing, but when you google abortion clinic health codes, all you find is that they shouldn’t have health code standards because it makes it harder for women to get abortions, and therefore it isn’t fair to them?
Can you die from an infected piercing or a tattoo? Absolutely, if you don’t get it treated. Can you die from an abortion?Absolutely. In fact, 47000 women die from unsafe abortions every year and about 400 die from safe ones. Can you have loss of fertility from piercing your ears? Um, I’ve done a lot of research and so far the answer is no. Can you have loss of fertility from an abortion? Absolutely. In fact, even pro-choice sites say there is a risk of scarring and a weakened cervix and that’s if they do it right. Around 30% of women have had even more serious issues that led to hysterectomies or other problems. Can you suffer depression from your tattoo? I mean it is there for life, and there are times I wish I hadn’t gotten mine, but depression from a tattoo is pretty small. However, the number of women who suffer depression after an abortion is nearly 80%, and if you look at the picture, you can see why. That’s a human, a tiny heart beating human, that you allowed to be killed and ripped from your body. Whether it happens immediately or years later, there is usually depression that follows that decision, so why exactly do we promote abortions? Why do we say “my body, my choice” when that doesn’t work for piercings, Tylenol in school, or tattoos- yet all of these are less dangerous than abortions.
The bigger question is: What about that tiny body and his/her choice?
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