A Wanted Child Every Time

The other day, I heard an excuse for abortion that went like this: Every child should be wanted. I thought about that for a second. It does make sense. There are too many stories of people abusing children. Still, why is death the answer?

See experts have figured out that there are between 1 million and 2 million couples waiting to adopt. That’s a lot of people. Now put yourself in their shoes. I honestly don’t know how they deal with it. Here are two loving people who want a child more than anything in the world, but for some reason they can’t get pregnant, and so they hope and they pray that a child will be given to them through adoption. I know some are called to adopt older kids, but let’s be honest, most want babies. They want to be able to raise the child as their own from the earliest point possible. So here’s where that argument breaks down.

You don’t want that child, but maybe your next door neighbor does. Or maybe it’s your post man or the clerk at the grocery store. Why, as a society, have we decided it’s better to dismember that baby and tear it to pieces and throw it out like garbage than give it to a couple desperately wanting a baby? You know the joy you get at Christmas when you give someone a really good gift and their whole face lights up? Imagine giving the gift of a child to someone who can’t have one!
See, it’s not really about every child being wanted because if it were, women would just give the baby up for adoption because for every couple that adopts there are 36 couples still waiting. No, the real issue is selfishness. Women don’t want to be inconvenienced for nine months with a pregnancy. They don’t want to have to deal with the ramifications of their actions. They want to pretend nothing happened and go about their lives as usual, but it’s not that easy. Abortion has consequences. Some times physical but more often emotional. Ask any cop. It is not easy to take a life. It haunts you. Now imagine it’s your own child. The emotional toll is even bigger.

Now, I know some of you are thinking it’s about money. After all, a lot of women say they couldn’t afford a baby. Here’s the kicker. A lot of organizations will pay for the mother’s prenatal care if she is going to put the baby up for adoption. Local churches will help out. There are answers for women who are low on funds. Imagine if we de-funded Planned Parenthood and sent that money to help women get prenatal care and then cover adoption costs. Would it make a difference?

The name Planned Parenthood always bothered me until today because they kill babies so it’s more like un-parenthood, but then this “every child a wanted one” made sense of their name. You want to plan when you will be a parent so you just get rid of every pregnancy before that. But every pregnancy would create a wanted child if people would put themselves aside for a minute and think about adoption. I know people say it would be hard to know you had a child out there but not see them, but how can it be any harder than killing them? With adoption you could see that child again, with death, you can’t. With adoption you could give someone the most precious gift on earth. With abortion, you dilute the meaning of life.

Abortion is not about health care and we should stop pretending it is. Abortion is about instant gratification, it is about escaping responsibility, and it is about selfishness.