I have been attending church a long time and I have seen a lot of people cry. I never quite understood why. Was I not as emotional? Was I missing the message? I still don’t have the answers, but today I became one of those people. I was happily singing along and then we got to the lyrics “Lord hear our cry, come heal our land” and I lost it. I sank to my chair and sobbed. Tears flowed freely and I thought how true those words were. I look around and don’t recognize my country anymore. We no longer have morals or decency. We fire people for speaking religious truth. Pastors are coming out and calling abortion a “ministry.” I can’t even wrap my head around the wickedness any longer and so I cried. I cried for my lost friends who don’t know the Lord. I cried for all the people who called us names or flipped us off as we protested Planned Parenthood yesterday. Most importantly, I cried for the children: the ones who would never be born and the ones who will have to grow up in this Godforsaken land. I don’t know where God is leading me with this, but I will stay silent no longer. I will pray that God indeed heals this land.