Stop Playing God

So the House just passed a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks and that makes me happy and sad at the same time. I’m happy that they are setting a time, but sad that so many babies will still be killed. Also, though this bill may pass the Senate, our current President and most likely our next President would veto it, so it’s really a moot point, but a step in the right direction. Just underneath that story on my Facebook was a story about a woman who had an abortion at 27 weeks, and I clicked on it. I don’t know why I do that, it just makes me mad or sad with every story I read. Anyway, she was angry that the bill didn’t have a provision for terminating past 20 weeks if there were abnormalities. I find this such a slippery slope for so many reasons. First and foremost, doctors can be wrong. just posted a story of a woman who was told three times her baby would be deformed and probably only live minutes after delivery, however, that baby is now a healthy toddler and had no issues when born. Second, it’s a slippery slope because where do we draw the line at abnormalities that are okay to abort over? Only ones that would kill the baby? Anything that would create a special needs child? Or how about just because it’s a girl and we wanted a boy? Do you see the problem here? And right now, Planned Parenthood is literally crusading to kill babies with Down Syndrome. I’ve even heard people say they agree and I have to ask, why is their life worth any less than ours? What’s next, autistic kids? ADHD? Red heads? Are we trying to create the perfect race by getting rid of anyone who doesn’t fit our expectation of perfection? Anyway this woman went on to say, that congress shouldn’t have the right to tell her when she can kill her baby, and I just stopped and stared at the page. Now, this woman’s baby supposedly had a terrible abnormality and would have only lived minutes outside birth, and I know that would have to be hard. My children were all born healthy, but I had a friend who had to face that and I know she cherished that time with that baby, no matter how short it was. Then I got to thinking about the baby, and I my heart grew sadder. This woman had the baby given a lethal injection in the heart at 27 weeks and she said the baby didn’t feel anything more than a prick, like putting your dog to sleep (again the analogy she used- disturbing), but here’s my point, that baby never got to be held and feel the pure love a mommy gives. If she had delivered and that baby had lived only minutes, the baby would have died in her arms knowing someone loved him/her so much that they gave every chance they could for this baby, but the baby died alone without ever having human touch. And 58 million (my friend who works at a pro-life center says it’s really closer to 70 million) babies have also suffered the same fate. They’ve been killed and never been held. And they will never be held on Earth, and it grieves me. God said we were each appointed a time to die, so stop playing God with the life of your own offspring. We need to be fighting for these babies. Online for Life has a great app that allows you to pray for women contemplating abortions. Please download it and help pray. They have saved over 4000 babies since they started and every time my phone dings to let me know a baby is saved, it is like music in my ears. You can join my team “Heartbeats” or find a team close to you. Also, my book Heartbeats is coming out soon. Please help me get the word out, so hopefully the words given to me by God can help save more babies. You can read a few excerpts from Heartbeats and from my next book: Sandra’s story on