Just as bad for the woman

The media inundates us with the information that abortion is good for the mother. It lets her live her life the way she planned, it makes it so she can accomplish her dreams, etc. Except that isn’t always the case. Yesterday, I read two stories from women who had abortions and later regretted them. The reason? Complications from the abortion led them to have a hysterectomy at just 25 years of age. Why doesn’t the media share this information? If we really cared about women, shouldn’t we be informing them of all the risks? Unfortunately, I think abortion is such a huge money-making scheme that activists don’t want women to be informed because fewer might have them. They fight the use of “unborn child” and sonograms because they know when women hear or see these things, they are less likely to kill the life inside them. We need to be the light sharing this information since the media won’t.