Conservative TV

LifeNews posted an article about The Big Bang Theory. Now, I haven’t watched this show so I have no idea if the rest of the show has good family values, but it was nice to hear that they humanized pregnancy. When a character became pregnant, they listened to the baby’s heartbeat and said “Aw, you made a person.” This is pretty amazing, considering the blowout NARAL had at the Doritos commercial and the blowback Hillary has received for calling unborn children “persons”, but I’m glad Big Bang did this. I don’t know what people think you are conceiving when you get pregnant. Two humans make . . . another human! How about that. Science has even agreed that life begins at conception because that is when new DNA is formed. Now, we just need to take emotion out of it. An unborn child can’t be a person when somebody wants it and not a person if someone doesn’t. If you kill a pregnant mother, you get charged with two counts of homicide, no matter how far along the woman is. And it’s funny how Democrats say that would be taking a step back, taking away rights from women— but it wasn’t so long ago that African Americans weren’t recognized as persons, even though we all know they are. I think it’s time we recognize the unborn for what they really are–Persons!