When It’s Wise to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Our baby teeth fall out pretty early and are replaced by our permanent teeth by the time we’re around 6 or 7 years old. Even though we get all the teeth we need to have in our mouths by that age, for some reason, our bodies have two pairs of teeth that it surprises us with at a later age. Wisdom teeth are also known as third-molars and they just show up out of the blue anywhere between the ages 16 – 25.

They are so called because in many cultures, these teeth are believed to emerge when a person attains the wisdom that only adults supposedly have. This might not have too much truth to it and probably became a myth simply because these teeth show up randomly and we needed to put some sort of a ceremonial marker to it. While these teeth may or may not make you any more of an adult, they are more than likely to cause a lot of pain when they force their way into your gums.

In many cases, these teeth cut into your cheek and jaw since your mouth doesn’t have room to accommodate them. This can cause a lot of pain and infectious swellings as well. If you have an oral infection, you can also expect bad breath and blood. Wisdom teeth don’t overcrowd every mouth – in fact, some people have no trouble with them at all (maybe they attained true wisdom?). But if your mouth is overcrowded, you’ll need to have your wisdom teeth removed to relive your jaw.

Any good dentist in Miami will offer wisdom tooth removal surgery. You should also be wary of the fact that these wisdom teeth show up one at a time between the aforementioned age bracket so you’ll need a dentist that’s nearby.