The Wrong Wall Mount Can Spell Disaster

If you’ve come home with a brand new smart TV that you’ve spent half a fortune on then you’ll be very careful of it for a few weeks at least. You’ll probably rush over to wipe specs of dust from its screen just to keep it looking brand new. Some of us even leave the stickers with all the specs and features on them on the TV just so it stays new forever (don’t do that, that just looks sad). However, what you can do to keep your TV nice and secure at all times is to get it a decent wall mount.

Some TVs come with a supplied wall mounting unit as well, which you can use to mount your TV but they aren’t very secure or even very practical to use. These supplied wall mounts just secure your TV to the wall but since you can’t adjust them, you’ll have a very hard time reaching to the back of your TV to plug and unplug cables in it. Another reason why you shouldn’t just start using supplied wall mounts is because they’re fixed and you won’t be able to adjust your TV’s position.

Do yourself and your walls a favour and get a nice aftermarket wall mount for your TV from this list of the best wall mounts and stands for your TV at Before you can pick a wall mount from one of these, you’ll want to make sure that you pick something that can support your TV’s weight and size. If you aren’t too sure of this, you should measure your TV’s screen diagonally and consult with a store clerk. You should also try and find a wall mount that can support more weight than your TV to be safe.