Book Collecting Apps 2016 Review

Time once again to check in with the slew of book collecting and categorizing apps out there. Some of the oldies, but goodies showed up rather prominently—still going strong, while other newer (& promising) apps are trying to make their marks.

Reviews claim that the scanning/capture mechanism is fast (unlike other apps), but it can load incorrect information into the library. This seems to happen a lot when retired ISBN numbers are re-used by publishers. Some apps have found a way to either return all possible options or default to the most recently published title. It appears that Libib review hasn’t worked out that kink yet.

Reviewers like that you have more control over categorization, in that you can create up to 100 different libraries and subcategories—so you can group all of your Neil Gaiman graphic novels in one library without having to sort through other titles that might share the “graphic novel,” “Neil Gaiman,” or “fantasy” tags.


  • Works in conjunction with the website (free subscription option available)
  • Scan books via smartphone camera to automatically add title and cover information
  • Batch editing capabilities
  • Can have up to 100 different libraries / subcategories
  • Can have up to 100,000 titles
  • Cloud backup
  • Import / Export libraries via CSV
  • Built-in Social Networking element
  • Categorize your titles via tag-system
  • Create and publish reviews