All Things Cat

Becoming a cat owner is fun but you’re signing yourself up for a downwards spiral into crazy cat lady territory for each cat you adopt. Let’s be honest here, if you love cats, there’s no way you aren’t going to fill your home with as many felines as you can. Cats are adorable pets and fun to have as your companions. They do funny things, they cuddle with you when they’re hungry and no matter how much you chase them around the place to pick them up and cuddle with them, they still live by you.

However, just like any other pet you could have, cats come with a certain amount of responsibility as well. For starters, cat little does not smell very nice. We can’t imagine that there’s any particular poop out there that smells good but cat poop smells downright awful. If you’re going to have cats at home, you’re going to have to train them so that they don’t do their business anywhere other than their assigned litter boxes.

Having many cats means that you’ll need many litter boxes as well, otherwise they’ll just find other laces to do their business. Cats don’t like sharing, you know. Asides from managing their poop, you’ll also have to make sure that they have a fresh supply of water somewhere in the house and that they get their food on time even when you’re asleep or aren’t home.

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