Day: November 24, 2018

Here’s Why You Need Patent Protection

November 24, 2018

We’ve all heard about patents in some form or the other. On this page we’ll walk you through why you, as a creative person, need a patent for your work. Without copyright, you have no say over what work is yours and without any right to your own work, anyone could steal it and profit from it. The reason why some businesses are more success than other businesses is because they have a copy right over their products so only they can sell them – that’s how powerful patents are.

If you’re an artist, a writer or anyone with intellectual property of any kind that needs protection, you need to speak with Incubate IP attorneys about what you can do to keep your intellectual property safe now. If you feel like someone might already be on to your ideas then now is the best time to step up and claim rights. Here are some benefits of getting patent protection.

Inventions Can’t Be Stolen

Before a business can release an invention, it needs to show the invention to investors in order to finalise the launch of the invention as a product. If the business doesn’t have any copy right over the prototype they’re showcasing, it can be copied and sold by another business. A patented invention is more likely to be seen by investors as a good investment.

Less Competition

Within the realm of businesses, it’s very likely that if one business comes up with a new idea and another starts copying it. This is why copyrights are so important to companies everywhere. Higher profits only come to those who make sure that what they’re selling under their brand is unique and has value to the buyers.

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