Day: August 31, 2018

The Ultimate Dog Toy Guide

August 31, 2018

Just like small kids require physical activity and exertion in order to have proper mental stimulation, your puppy also has the same kinds of needs during its childhood days. Dog toys are constantly evolving and nowadays they become so sophisticated that they can sometimes surpass the quality standards of that of children toys. There is no wonder that pet toys industry is one of the emerging industries in the western world because of the increasing demands of the pet owners and there are hundreds of options in the market. For some breeds it might be difficult to keep a toy intact for even a single week whereas others can’t be bothered easily and need something eye-catching to get their attention.

If you own a dog breed that possess high level of retrieving instincts then you need to purchase a suitable toy such as a high quality stick that you can throw to get the attention of your puppy. Many beginner owners make the mistake of not measuring the size or dimensions of the toy they are about to purchase which might be too small or too big for the mouth size of the pet. Make sure it fits right in the mouth of your pet and your dog doesn’t have to overstretch his jaw to fully place it inside his mouth. Make sure to check out Jug Dog if you are looking for unbiased reviews about pet toys with solid construction and visit the website at now.

People who own juvenile dogs need to select toys that are made from soft material and are not too harsh on their teeth. On the other hand, pet owners of aggressive dogs might have to purchase products such as Nylabone chews that can easily last long without being torn apart.

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