Day: June 15, 2018

Collecting Feedback

June 15, 2018

We all know just how important it is to collect feedback from customers in the sales sector. It is a sector that is dependant entirely on how the customers view the business and what they think of the product or service being provided to them. To get any actual improvement you will always need to know what the people using or benefitting from the service or product think of it. Do they think that some changes can be made? Are they happy with the way things are run? What do they not like about the business and its products and services? These are all important questions and if you are able to get answers to them then you are able to improve the product or service and then improve the overall experience of the customers, which will make sure that they keep coming back.

The customers will also feel like their ideas and opinions matter and they will be a lot happier when they actually see any changes made. However, for many companies and businesses, it is difficult getting honest and helpful critique and feedback. Many people cannot be bothered to give feedback and do not want to wait for change but want to anyway. In this case you can follow the Kroger feedback method that super market chain giant, Kroger, has implemented. They encourage their customers to go online to their website and give feedback within a few days of actually making a purchase. They encourage it by setting certain dates which reveal prizes and rewards for people who have given feedback. Any person who has given feedback that is helpful benefits in some way and a few people actually end up receiving huge prizes. This encourages their customers to give relevant feedback quickly and often which helps Kroger improve.

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