Day: March 26, 2018

Books That Will Make You a Better Man

March 26, 2018

We all have roles to play in life, some of them are optional while others get enforced on us, regardless of how you fall into a role, you should try to fulfil its requirements to the best of your abilities. The two most demanding roles in a man’s life are that of a father figure and a bread winner, both of these roles have a direct impact on other people’s lives; people who are close to you. This is why one must prepare themselves before taking on these roles, and they should always look for ways to improve themselves so that they can continue to fulfil their duties properly.

One of the best ways one can improve themselves is by always being open to new opinions and information, taking in what others have to say about things gives you the chance to look at things from multiple angles, and in doing so you start seeing things in a completely different light. Reading novels, documentaries and biographies written by other people is a superb way of taking in new knowledge, because unlike information that you receive during a conversation, reading lets you analyse and absorb information at your own pace.

There are a number of books out there that any man should read in order to become a better father to their children and become a better bread winner for their family. When you read about the achievements and struggles of other people, you get this unique opportunity to become a spectator who sits on the side-lines and can go through each and every event as many times as they want. This ability lets you understand things so much better, and the things that you learn become a part of you, the best part is that books let you learn and gain new insights while having a good time.

A great example of a novel that is loaded with topics that will change the way you look at the world is “Atlas Shrugged”, a book that has a slow start but entangles the reader completely after the first few hundred pages. A book that is chalk full of information which can bring a huge change in how you view wealth and happiness is “The Ultimate Gift”, this book shows that a fictional story can easily carry a very real message in it.

There are some books that will change how you look at life, such as “The Lessons of History” and there are some that will give you food for thought, equipping you with arguments through which you can question the many faults and problems in society.

Overall, books have the potential to hone a person’s mind, to open their eyes to new viewpoints and new experiences without actually putting them in a certain situation. Through reading, one can transform into a better business man, a better father, a better friend and a better human being.

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Short Stories That Are Bound to Leave You Feeling Weird

March 26, 2018

Short stories can be very fun to read, they are meant to be engaging, captivating and often carry some pretty interesting messages. If you are looking for short stories that are going to leave you thinking and possibly make you feel slightly weird then the following books are bound to please you:

The Sea Beast Takes a Lover is a collection of stories that take place in unreal worlds that are loaded with everything that is unexpected, the entire collection follows a theme of love, family, faith and longing. This theme is prevalent in every character in every story, be it a sea monster or any other kind of supernatural creature, everyone in this collection wants to connect with one another.

Another short story collection that plays along the lines of companionship is Awayland, the simplest way to describe this collection of short stories would be to say that it explores the wildest and mysterious parts of the human heart. The captivating nature of this story collection makes it joyful and worth revisiting again and again.

If you are more into something spooky then Aetherial Worlds might speak to you. Penned by a Russian writer, this collection of short stories explores the realm of ghosts in a very different manner; portraying characters that desperately try to find meaning and accomplishment in a realm that seems to be short on both. Humour mixed in with a touch of sadness can be found in all parts of this collection.

For those who like to read about secrets and mysteries, the story collection known as What is Not Yours is Not Yours will satiate their appetite, this collection is all about metaphorical and real keys that either protect secrets and mysteries, or act as an obstacle in the way of those who want to gain access to things that are kept hidden.

Her Body and Other Parties is a story collection that takes fantasy, everything bizarre and apocalyptical horror to paint a fractured and abstract picture of all the pain that a woman as to endure.

Erranty: Strange Stories is going to take you on an adventure that will have you question each and every person in your life, be it your neighbours or the people you work with, this short story collection will have you question what secrets they have to hide.

There are a ton of other books out there as well that are penned by people who look at the world differently and have others look at the world in a different manner as well. Regardless of what taste you have in reading, you should definitely give one of these weird short stories a try.

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Audiobooks That Are Worth Hearing

March 26, 2018

We humans have always liked to hear tales and share them with one another, this is why the act of reading has been around for so long, the number of novels, biographies and other kinds of books that can be found today is too big to keep track of. Reading can be a superb way to pass time, you can immerse yourself in a fantasy world and forget about your troubles for a while, reading is also a very healthy activity for one’s brain. The only downside to reading is that it requires time, something that many of us do not have to spare nowadays.

Fortunately, we live in an age where libraries worth of information can fit into the palm of our hand; a single smartphone can contain thousands of books at a time that can be read on the go, and the best part is that nowadays one can read an entire book without actually having to read it at all. Audiobooks are perfect for people who do not have the time to sit down and read a book, the basic concept of an audiobook is that instead of reading a book by yourself, you simply listen to someone else reading the book for you.

Audiobooks have become immensely popular, one can find an audiobook of pretty much any popular book or novel. You can purchase audiobooks from Amazon or from any other online book store that has them, let’s take a look at some audiobooks that are definitely worth reading.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

Read by Jim Dale, this audiobook is 8 hours and 34 minutes long, the Harry Potter novels have become a major part of pop culture; the highly successful franchise turned J.K Rowling into a millionaire and introduced the world to a loveable and unforgettable cast of characters.

A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice And Fire

The epic, harsh and cruel fantasy world crafted by George R.R Martin became popular after HBO decided to turn it into a TV series, anyone who is a fan of medieval fantasy or of the GOT TV series should definitely give this 33 hour long audiobook a go.

The Book Thief

A captivating story about a German girl in the middle of World War 2 and how she scrapes by with her foster father during bombing raids and restless nights. This 13 hours and 56 minutes long audiobook tells a fascinating story about life in Germany during World War 2.

The number of audiobooks available is growing quite quickly, one can find a number of recent best sellers as well as a plethora of timeless classics such as “To Kill A Mockingbird”, “Sherlock Holmes” and many more memorable stories.

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